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Pastel Gradient
Jack Pine Studio GLASS GARDEN ART.png

Glass Garden Art 

Enhance the beauty of the outdoors with alluring ​hand-blown​ glass garden art made from natural elements. Our handcrafted glass garden art not only captures the essence of nature's beauty but also features and works with nature. At Jack Pine Studio, our artists use metals and different elements imported from Germany to create dynamic and vibrant glass colors. As sunlight passes through the colored glass, it is refracted and dispersed, transforming into an array of vibrant, shimmering colors. This kaleidoscopic display is continuously changing, depending on the angle and intensity of sunlight, and it's this dynamic interplay that brings our handcrafted glass garden art to life. From the vivid hues to the intricate swirls, our outdoor glass art brings color, detail, and uniqueness to yards and porches. Explore and shop unique glass garden art today with Jack Pine Studio.

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