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Glass Dragon Eggs 

Are you or someone you know a lover of all things mystical and fantastical? Glass dragon eggs are the perfect gift and home decor staple for every fantasy-world lover. Although hand-blown glass eggs don’t hatch beasts of flame and fury, they do ignite creativity and wonder within the beholder's mind. Their delicate shells of vibrant-colored glass shimmer with enchantments that transport you to a world of magic. Glass dragon eggs illuminate from within when placed on a light base, bringing life to the shell and further encapsulating the egg’s mystical beauty.  

Jack Pine’s decorative glass eggs come in many design options, from varying dragon-scaled webbed patterns to differing colors and shimmers made from a blend of quality elements. Each glass dragon egg is unique. Bring a fantastical treasure to your or a loved one’s home with some dragon egg art. 

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