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In a land where snowflakes gently fall, There stood a glass ornament, oh so small.


With a magical ribbon, glowing bright, It brought joy and wonder, day and night.


Within its core, a secret did reside, A ribbon of glass, glowing deep inside.


When darkness fell, it came to life, Illuminating dreams, under UV Light.


A piece of art cherished near and dear, to wish you a great holiday season and a happy new year!


Our ornaments have unique layering of colored glass, strong saturation of colors. No paint is used in our work; rather, we use raw materials imported from Germany as well as the technique of using precious metals such as gold and silver permeated into the glass to give it a lustrous appearance.


All of our glass ornaments are hand blown by skilled craftsmen at our studio in Hocking Hills Ohio.


This ornament is approximately 3.75" in diameter.

The 2023 Ornament Of The Year

$48.00 Regular Price
$33.60Sale Price
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