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Jack Pine Studio Glass Pumpkins.jpg

Signature Series


    Jack Pine Studio

    Hand​-​Blown Glass Pumpkins

    What better way to commemorate your visit to Hocking Hills than with a one-of-a-kind piece of art from a local crafter? Jack Pine’s glass pumpkins are nationally recognized and showcased in hundreds of galleries, including Corning Museum Of Glass.  These beautiful​ ​​hand-blown​ glass pumpkins are well-known for their unique layering of colored glass and strong saturation of colors. ​​Jack Pine uses raw materials imported from Germany and a special craftsmanship technique—permeating metals such as gold and silver into the glass to give it a lustrous appearance. Jack Pine’s glass pumpkins are works of art that showcase the beauty of natural elements. Not only are these glass pumpkins visually stunning, but they are also functional. They are perfect for enhancing your home, elevating glass art collections, adding to your travel souvenirs, and gifting. Check out our collection of ​hand-blown​ glass pumpkins and enjoy one-of-a-kind, local craftsmanship. 

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