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2022 Pumpkin Of The Year Medium Dimensions: 5" x 5" x 5"

The 2022 Pumpkin Of The Year is only available in size MEDIUM



Jack designed the 2022 Pumpkin Of The Year to bring back memories of growing up in a small village in Southern Ohio. 

"As a boy, I recall crisp October air and dark auburn skies, looking up to see the full, glowing moon through windblown naked trees, all the while wondering if the Headless Horseman was looming in the distance like The Legend of Sleepy Hollow."

Look closely into the copper ruby limbs of the 2022 pumpkin and you;ll find a hidden glowing moon of your own.



Each pumpkin is hand blown at 2000 degrees. We start with just a small gather of clear glass and then create our designs with layers of colored enamels and precious metals. No paints are used at any time during the process. Our pumpkins are unique because of their incredibly rich colors and textures.

The 2022 Pumpkin Of The Year

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